The Lazy Parent’s Guide: Entertaining Your Children On A Relaxing Weekend

CandySometimes, you just need a little time to relax! Don’t worry moms, this is a judgment-free place. We accept and understand that you can’t be Supermom all the time. Some weekends deserve a little down-time.

Sure, you would love to take your child to the botanical gardens and the library today. I know that you really want to ride bicycles until your legs cramp up, or build a tower of blocks all the way to the ceiling. What mom doesn’t want to jump right up and indulge their child’s every creative and active urge?

A tired one! One that’s worked her butt off all week long and really just needs to lie on the couch for a couple hours and pretend that there aren’t a million chores to do. Every once in a while, a lady needs a break!

That’s where these lazy tips come in. Call me a bad parent if you would like, but I say that every mom needs a few ways to keep her child happily occupied so that she can nap, stretch or indulge a good book, even if it’s just for an hour.

Do you have lazy parenting techniques you would like to share? How do you keep your little one entertained when you really just need a minute to relax?

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