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Cardi B Claps Back at Commenter Who Asked If She Was Pregnant

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You know that piece of advice, never ask a woman if she’s pregnant? Well, that goes double for asking on social media. Because you just might ask the wrong person, and she will clap back so hard that people will be talking about it for days. Cardi B posted a snippet of a new song on Instagram, and in the comments, someone if she there was a Kylie Jenner secret we should all know about. The commenter then used a pregnant woman emoji, insinuating that Cardi was pregnant. Well, Cardi was having none of that shit.

Cardi B waded into her own mentions to put the rude person in their place, in the way only Cardi can. And it was hilarious.

The video starts off with Cardi rapping. Then she gets up and continues the song while dancing in front of a wall. And girl looks GOOD. But apparently, people saw something that isn’t there, and one of them was rude enough to ask about it. Bet they thought they were clever. Cardi was like, nah.

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Image: Instagram/@iamcardib

“LET ME FAT IN PEACE”. I cannot. That’s my new comeback for everything. Like when I shove Doritos in my mouth in a most-unladylike way.

What is it about people feeling the need to comment on a woman’s appearance? Even if Cardi didn’t look amazing in that video (and she does), what makes a person think they can make rude comments about someone else’s body? It’s ridiculous. I’m glad she didn’t let the comment slide, some people just need to be put in their place.

Even an off-handed comment meant in jest can stick with someone. So seriously, just don’t. If you want to screenshot something and post in your group chat, have at it! At least save yourself the embarrassment of being dragged on a celebrity’s social media, by the celebrity herself.

(Image: Instagram/@iamcardib)