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This Woman―Who Has Sex With Ghosts―Hopes to Get Pregnant and Have a Spirit Baby

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Amethyst Realm wants to have a child with her lover. The only problem is that her lover is a ghost. This 27-year-old claims that she has been sleeping with a ghost for the last few years, and has even decided to swear off men. Now she is hoping for her own spirit baby.

As a guest on the UK’s This Morning, Amethyst went into detail about her relationship with these men from beyond the grave. She claims that after feeling the presence of a ghost in her home, she put on some sexy lingerie to temp the spirit.

Apparently, it worked, according to Kidspot.

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“There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck,” she explained. “There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath and stoking, and the energy as well.”

At the time, Realm was living with her flesh-and-blood fiancé. However, he soon found out about her supernatural affair when he came home and caught her in the act. Apparently, the ghost was kind enough to show himself to the fiancé, but not to the girl he was sleeping with. Since then, Realm has sworn off real men and has had sex with up to 20 different ghosts.

But what about kids? How can you have kids with a ghost? Well, Amethyst says that she has been doing a lot of research into phantom pregnancies.

She believes that some phantom pregnancies could be a spirit baby, but living people can’t necessarily bring the child to term.

She hopes that she could eventually have and carry to term a spirit baby from one of her lovers.

Doctors claim that Amethyst isn’t having sexual encounters with ghosts, but instead is suffering from sleep paralysis. Sometimes this condition can bring on sexual feelings. Realm, however, shut that idea down. She claims that her first ghost lover would follower her around the house and lure her into sex. So she was definitely awake during her encounter.

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Realm claims that sleeping with different ghosts is much like sleeping with different men – they all have different energies. She also claims that she can, indeed, orgasm from her ghostly lovers.

But what I want to know is what would a spirit baby actually look like? Casper? What do you think?

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