Army Captain Dies During Skype Session With His Wife And No One Has Any Idea Why

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army captain dies skypeWatching any sort of loved one die, whether a baby or spouse, is a cruelty in it of itself. But compound that with being miles away connected through a sketchy Skype connection, and you have the story of wife and mother Susan Orellana-Clark whose husband mysteriously died during a long distance video chat.

Army Times reports that Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark, stationed in Afghanistan, collapsed following “no alarm or discomfort,” according to his wife. However, she did a see a bullet hole behind him in a closet, which was later confirmed by another member of the military who rushed to her home. The Skype feed reportedly remained connected for two hours as others arrived and checked Clark’s body, revealing no pulse, no trauma. Just minor scrapes and a broken nose from falling forward.

But something isn’t quite matching up as foul play is not officially suspected and his body contains no bullet wounds, according to the Army Criminal Investigation Command. The illusive circumstances of his death have prompted a full investigation, confirmed by even the Pentagon. In a recent statement, Bruce’s widow said that at this time she is trying to simply “honor her husband” — a  far from easy endeavor given that she is now left to handle both a brewing media interest and the couple’s two daughters, aged three and nine years old.

(photo: Straight 8 Photography/ Shutterstock)