20 Must-See Photos of Dads Meeting Their Babies for the First Time

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During labor and delivery, the focus is (rightfully) on the mama. She is going through some STUFF, and needs all the support she can get. Once the baby is born, again, it’s all eyes on mom. Look what you just did! You are AMAZING! But a good birth photographer will capture more than just mom’s reaction to meeting her new little one. Dads are right there with mom, and this a life-changing moment for them, too. These pictures of dads meeting their babies for the first time will totally melt your heart, they’re just so incredibly sweet.

A dad’s role in the delivery room will be different with every baby being born. Some are there as coaches, some are there purely to support mama and manage her needs during labor and delivery. We know that every dad in the delivery is a ball of emotions! Pride in watching their partner do what she’s doing. Fear over what is happening and so much being out of their control. Anticipation and apprehension over meeting their little one. And then the baby arrives, and all of that melts away! Dads meeting their babies for the first time are experiencing a life-changing moment, and it’s amazing to see.

Pictures of dads meeting their babies for the first time are full of emotion.

Oh goodness, that is a fresh baby! They are just so wee when they’re born. We love this photo so much. The way dad’s hands are cradling the baby, the way he’s looking down. Can you imagine what was going through his head in this moment? It’s so funny, because logically we know they are going to be small. But once they’re here and you get a sense of just how small newborns are, it can be surprising! We’re sure he’s worried about being gentle, but also trying to keep himself from hugging and smothering the baby with kisses and love. Plenty of time for that, papa!

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