Gallery: Things Not To Say At A Baby Shower

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I just got home from a beautiful baby shower for a friend who’s having twins. Congrats again, Dawn! Baby showers are an exciting and happy time filled with adorable tiny socks and a whole boatload of estrogen. Everyone loves seeing the blankets and toys and pint-sized clothes. All in all, they are a wonderful experience and one that I sincerely enjoy.

However, thirty women in one room can still lead to a little bit of cattiness. Even worse, a lot of these women are moms who feel obligated to prepare the poor preggo on the grueling job they are about to start. I’m not sure quite sure why we feel the need to share stories about the worst parts of motherhood with someone whose ready to pop out her kids any minute, but it seems to be a tradition. And its one that I’d like to stop right now. At baby showers, let’s stop talking about your 48-hour labor horror story. Maybe its not the best time to mention that your child peed in your mouth… and you swallowed it… twice. Let’s stop trying to terrify someone who is obviously going through with this whole baby thing.

And while we’re at it, here’s another couple things we need to stop saying when we celebrate a new life coming into the world.