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30 Uncommon Chinese Baby Names

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When we bring a child into this world, as parents we are pretty excited! This is a life-changing experience for us! But the most fun part about having a baby? It is for sure coming up with the right moniker for the little tyke. That is when the real fun begins! We see baby name books flying off shelves like crazy, in a search to find the right name for your tot before they are born! Even Google searches abound and baby name websites are searched high and low for the right name. But sometimes even they just cannot find the just right name for your precious little babe.

These days, we see many parents leaning a lot towards different and pretty unique names. Especially names that are of other cultures. Chinese names conjure up images of beauty and strength, and even love. So, if it is inspiration you seek, look no further than this article! Check out these 30 uncommon Chinese baby names for some really great ideas! We bet that you will find a name that you will just love! Or if you know someone who is expecting, share this article with them! They will definitely appreciate it!


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Pronunciation: MAYLINK

This gorgeous name means just that, beautiful and delicate. It is traditionally used as a girl’s name. It can easily be shortened to Mei, which is pretty cute, and invokes visions of springtime, when all the flowers are blooming, and the honey bees are buzzing. This name is perfect for a little girl. It is definitely a great alternative way to spell the traditional name May. This first name could surely be paired with plenty of different middle names like Meiling Lynn, Meiling Jewel, or really anything you can think of! This name truly is a treasure among a trove of names.

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