People Magazine Creates Characters For The Jolie-Pitt Kids

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So there I was buying groceries, when Brangelina and their adorable broad of kids were staring back at my in line with the enticing tagline, “How They Make It Work”. Well, People Magazine, you achieved your purpose. I just had to know, how do they manage? I’m terrified of travelling with my single daughter, getting glared at by every other person on our flight, forgetting her favorite blanket. Yet the Jolie-Pitts manage to travel around the world while being hounded by tabloids (just like the one I’m reading…) and still seem like a happy, well-adjusted family. That’s downright impressive. So how do they do it, People?

Well, tabloids aren’t really famous for answering questions. And if you were hoping for a preview into the private family dymanics of the world’s most famous travelling household, you won’t get it here. There are two direct quotes from Brad or Angelina and they weren’t made to People, they were made in other interviews and referenced by People. The insight into the Jolie-Pitts daily life mainly comes from the brief public sightings the magazine has been able to round up. Basically, they like toys and family acitivies. Stars, they’re just like us, right?

So what does the rag tell us about those lucky little ones? It basically compiles the minor details we can learn about Knox, Vivienne, Shiloh, Zahara, Pax and Maddox into rough characters and general assumptions. It treats the entire family like an up-and-coming sitcom, with one serious and quiet child, another more outgoing. There’s the diva and the goofy one and the responsible big brother. It’s possible that these attributes really are present in the Jolie-Pitt gang, but I doubt that they are this generic and one-sided. These are kids! No matter who their parents are, they are young children who are undoubtedly growing and changing and trying to find themselves.

Yet, the media wants to create carictures for the general public, so that we feel like we know them. We don’t know these little kids and we’re not supposed to. When these kids grow up, they’ll have to decide whether or not they wish to live in the limelight, as their parents do. Until then, we don’t know many actual facts about Brad and Angelina’s kids, but that doesn’t mean that we should foist some generic character outline on these children simply to satisfy our own curiosity.

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