I Didn’t Think I Could Love Drew Barrymore More – Until She Admitted To Growing A Goatee During Pregnancy

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shutterstock_129558287__1365953552_70.118.110.28I didn’t think I could love Drew Barrymore any more. Then she admitted to growing a goatee during pregnancy.

She told InTouch Magazine, “I got a wonderful little goatee — and it was red!” She also admitted to agonizing over her post-baby body like most of us do. “I take care of myself. But I’m never going to be the person who talks about diet and exercise — I would fail that conversation!” It’s pretty refreshing to hear a famous mom admit that everything doesn’t always snap right into place after pregnancy. But back to the goatee.

How much weird shit happened to you when you were pregnant? People don’t like to talk about the unsavory stuff that happens to a lot of us; the hemorrhoids, the strange skin tags, the odd skin discoloration – and of course, the goatees. I thought I was the only one spending a lot of extra time in my magnifying mirror with the tweezers. Apparently, I’m not. Good to know.

From her realization that she will have to level with her daughter about her wild past, to confessing to using Spanx after her pregnancy – Drew just always comes across like a real person. She doesn’t seem to be as consumed with presenting the same image of perfection that many celebrities put forth. I appreciate that. I especially appreciate it from a new mom.

I think we should all take a note from Drew and level with each other about some of the strange stuff your body does when it’s pregnant.  Some may consider it TMI, but I think if you have a good friend that’s going through a pregnancy after you – it would be kind to bring some of this stuff up. You know, pregnancy hormones and feeling like a circus freak don’t mix well together. Do it for the sisterhood, ladies.

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