Even Science Says Not To Buy Your Kids So Many Toys This Holiday Season

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Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Do you still have a few things to pick up for the kids? Are there still a few toys that you want to nab and stuff under the tree with the rest? Well, stop right there! According to science, you don’t need to buy your kid all that shit this holiday season.

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Watching kids open presents is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But it seems that the older they get, the faster they power through unwrapping.

Before you can even sit on the couch with your morning coffee, there is an explosion of wrapping paper, bows flying across the room, toys spread around the floor, and the kid is done and ready to move on.

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According to Scary Mommy, a study done at the University of Toledo suggests that you can actually help your kid by giving them fewer toys this holiday season. Science suggests that a child who has fewer toys will have a better quality of play time. A child will be more creative with fewer toys!

“When provided with fewer toys in the environment, toddlers engage in longer periods of play with a single toy, allowing better focus to explore and play more creatively,” the study noted.

The study watched kids between the ages of 18 to 30 months playing. What they discovered was that kids who had a lot of toy options bounced from toy to toy quickly. Every parent knows what that looks like. A kid picks up a toy, plays with it for a minute, and then throws it away forever like it never existed.

Now you have a scientific reason not to buy your kid all those stupid little toys they are always asking for! Not only will it save you money, but it will help your child be more creative!

Of course, Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without a floor filled with presents. So, how do you give your child fewer toys, but the same amount of presents? I’m a big fan of wrapping up toys they already have to throw them off their guard. Or, better yet, if you have an older child, wrapping individual pairs of underpants – always a solid gift.

What do you think of this study? Will you still buy your kid a bunch of toys this holiday season?

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