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Self-Described ‘Good Mom’ Wants To Know Why You Hate Her For Being Better Than You

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The obvious implication here is that the rest of us don’t give a shit, and this is why people hate on the “good moms” Whitney is talking about: because we’re all good moms. We’re all trying to “be better parents, better people” than who we were yesterday.” All of us. Even the moms who don’t make elaborate Bento boxes and playdate mom back at the beginning throwing Goldfish crackers. We all want to be the best for our kids, and it is beyond obnoxious when someone implies otherwise, especially when it’s based on something as shallow and stupid as crafts and baked goods.

You can say until you’re blue in the face that you throw elaborate birthday parties just because you want to and it makes you happy and that’s great, but if the underlying tone is that you’re trying to be better and the rest of us are just a bunch of haters who aren’t trying and don’t care about being better parents and people? Give me a break. We can smell the smug from a mile away, Lady, and that is why people react to you the way they do. It has nothing to do with your soccer cookies.

Whitney tries to round it out at the end by throwing in a single sentence about how we’re “all trying,” but if you’re comfortable writing that we’re “mad at women who actually want to be better parents” you clearly don’t believe we’re all trying and you should spare us the half-hearted attempt at backpedaling. Yes, we are all trying and yes, we should be supportive of one another. If you really want start a movement of motherly support, you can start by not writing blog posts that label moms as good or bad based on superficial standards and then stressing that those you consider beneath you should just fucking applaud you already. Good grief.

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