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Kim And Kanye Are Relatable For Once By Being Open About Their Fertility Struggle‏

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been open in recent months about the fact that a second baby is not coming easily to them. For couples struggling to get pregnant, I think it can be reassuring to see such a high-profile couple admit that it is not happening instantly for them either. This is one instance where Kim and Kanye’s tendency to over-share might actually be helpful and I applaud them for it.

Celebrities have a right to privacy, so it’s no surprise that not many of them discuss the process of conceiving a child in the press. That said, I can see where celebrities popping up six months pregnant, seemingly overnight, could be upsetting for women who are struggling to get pregnant. To them, it is probably just one more couple getting pregnant “easily” while they continue to try with no success. Of course, perception may not be reality- some celeb couples may have trouble getting pregnant but don’t talk about it in the media, which is totally acceptable. However, I think it’s wonderful that Kim and Kanye are being so honest about the fact that their second pregnancy is taking a while to happen. From People:

But she’s more than ready to add to the welcome chaos. “We’ve really been trying for another kid,” Kardashian, 34, tells PEOPLE in the new issue. “More kids can’t come soon enough!”

I know it’s only one sentence but I think it’s a really important sentence. I did not experience infertility or struggle to conceive but I know many women who have. If it’s one thing that makes it sting a bit more, it’s the seeming ease with which other women get pregnant. Someone like Kim, with all the money in the world, admitting that she is “really trying” to get pregnant probably makes women trying to conceive feel a little less alone.

Kim has a tendency to share all (hello, shiny butt magazine cover) and people usually have a lot of negative things to say about it but I have to give her credit here. She doesn’t just share the sunshine and puppy dogs, she is revealing a darker moment too. She knows she has a high profile and a lot of fame and I would like to think she is talking about the reality of struggling to get pregnant in an effort to stand with other women experiencing the same thing. And for that, I tip my hat to you, Kim. It’s kind of her to be so candid about such a sensitive subject when she is certainly not obligated to do so.

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