Kate Middleton Reportedly Welcomed Third Baby Using a Really Chill Birthing Method

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Kate Middleton walked out of the hospital mere hours after having her third child. She’s kind of a bad-ass! Sure, she has a team of professionals standing by to get her camera ready. And hopefully, she gingerly entered their waiting car and then immediately took to her bed as soon as she was back at her palace. But still, bad-ass! We’re learning a bit more about the third royal baby and how he made his debut. And I have more and more admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge everyday.

Kate Middleton reportedly used a really chill birth technique to deliver her third baby: hypnobirthing!


What is hypnobirthing, exactly? According to Women’s Health, hypnobirthing is an assisted birthing technique that utilizes tapping into your subconscious and relying on your natural instincts to achieve relaxation. This technique helps mothers have a birth “free of the resistance that fear creates.” This is called “The Mongan Method“, and it’s quickly becoming popular among women who want a calm, even serene birth experience.

Moms who choose to use hypnobirthing are taught a series of self-guided meditation techniques. These techniques can help the mom be aware of her body and the progressions she’s going through.

The hypnobirthing method is “built around an educational process that includes special breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice, attention to nutrition and positive body toning.” It’s designed to take the fear out of childbirth, and help the mother achieve full relaxation. In other words, childbirth doesn’t have to be this horridly painful experience we’ve seen in movies. The Mongan Method allows birthing women to remain in control. Additionally, women who’ve used the method say they felt fully engaged in the entire process.

Childbirth is a magical and tremendously difficult thing. Above all, the safety of the mother and child is the most important consideration. However, that doesn’t mean we have to do things a certain way. Of course, there are lots of ways to deliver a baby. Hypnobirthing is just one of them! It does sound pretty amazing, to be honest.

We’re just glad Kate Middelton and the new baby are healthy and happy. At this point, I just really hope she’s finally getting a chance to sit down. On a donut pillow.

(Image: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal)