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What Your Child’s Lunch Says About You

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lunchI can still remember which kids in my elementary school had the best lunches. The fancy cartoon characters on the matching thermos, the enviable packs of Gushers. Back then the best lunches were all about glitz and sugar content, but as a parent there is so much more that goes into feeding your kids. We face the challenges of giving them a lunch that is both nutritious and something they are willing to eat in front of their peers. Here’s what your child lunch says about you.

1. Turkey Sandwich with chips and a Go-Gurt.

Congratulations, you’re a Basic mom. You love Christmas scented candles, jeans tucked into boots and Taylor Swift. You probably have a mess of mom friends to enjoy a skinny peppermint mocha (with whip) with after bedtime.

2. PB & J.

You are the queen of practical. A good old peanut butter and jelly is fast and easy. You know your kid will eat it and you don’t have to worry about him forgetting his ice pack and accidentally giving himself listeria. Plus, this keeps your child away from snot-nose Chad who sits at the peanut allergy table. He’s a bad influence, that one.

3. Bean sprouts and hummus on a wheat wrap with carrots on the side.

They broke your lamp this morning, so now you’ll break their spirits.

4. McDonald‘s.

Momma had a lot of errands to run, and bribery, when used sparingly, works wonders. Enjoy those fries kids, you’ve earned them.

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