23 Celebrities Who Tied The Knot While They Were Pregnant

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Many mothers including celebrity moms have tied the knot while they were pregnant. Women more than ever are deciding on their own way when it comes to their own happily ever after and starting a family. Some celebrities go the traditional route, donning a beautiful white gown down the aisle before saying “I do” and heading off to a reception. Then you have others who opt to skip the entire marriage thing and focus on their love without any titles document by the government. For some celebs “First comes love,” “then comes marriage,” or a baby and they find themselves expecting sooner than later and make the mad dash to married life before their little one arrives.

You may think there are some downsides come with being pregnant while saying “I do,” but I’ve got two words for you: glowing skin. Pregnant brides are completely stunning, and the bonus is that they get a cuddly baby as an extra wedding gift. Sure, most couples put marriage before the carriage, but here are 20 celebrities who’s rocked baby bumps on their big day as their something new. Here’s a look at celebrities who took the fast track down the aisle carrying more than just the wedding bouquet.

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