TGI Friday Open Thread: What Are You Doing With Your ‘Free Time’ Now That School Has Started?

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Now that (most) of your kids are back in school how are you spending your days with a quiet house? Or for you working moms are you finding it less stressful or more stressful managing your career and having the kids back in school? Have you started working on any hobbies or craft-y type things?

What are you reading? I know so many of you want a Mommyish book Club ™ (Trademarking in advance) so we should start discussing how it would work. What are your favorite types of books to read? Koa Beck is currently reading Lookaway, Lookaway and this weekend I will be starting The Returned. I am also super excited for the new Donna Tartt in October. And the sequel to The Shining by Stephen King which may be amazing OR very disappointing!

Are you guys baking? Pinning amazing things on Pinterest you may or may not make? Taking long naps? Having sex in the shed at Home Depot?  Or do you still have little ones at home and are you counting and dreading the days until they start school? I love the Friday Open Thread, it has fast become something I look forward to every week! So grab a beverage or a bottle and sit your cute little ass down and tell us what you got going on.

Also, take your pants off, we have a new rule.

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