Mommyish Is Hosting The First Ever LIVE Bad Mom Advice On September 12th!

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Bad Mom Advice PicCheck it Mommyish readers! Thursday, September 12th is your lucky day because our very own agony aunt Eve Vawter will be hosting her first ever LIVE Bad Mom Advice on our Mommyish Facebook page. You fancy ladies (and gentleman) will be able to inquire about your mom-related woes and Eve HAS to answer. Because we said so (and also, that’s how she rolls).

Is your baby acting funky? Does your mother in law refuse to stop twerking at the dinner table (think of the children grandma!)? Do you suspect your teenage son is secretly an alien from outer space? Wait, aren’t all teenagers from outer space? Eve will be here to answer your questions in the most questionable and unquestionably awesome way imaginable. You know you want to come!

So make your calendars folks! Thursday, September 12th from 12 until 1 p.m. EST. All the cool readers will be there.