Morning Feeding: 5 Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender

Not saying they’re iron-clad, sooth-saying prophecies, but when you’re waiting for week 18, they can be the next best thing (The Stir)

What should we make of Scott Brown and Gail Huff‘s comments on women? (DoubleX)

Heidi Klum and her flower children (Celeb Baby Laundry)

How to store breastmilk (

Jessica Simpson as a pregnant pink bridesmaid (YourTango)

Study finds that access to birth control increases women’s wages (The Frisky)

I can’t believe it’s almost April (The Hairpin)

Hormones impact the beauty of skin (YouBeauty)

Advice to my daughters: keep one oar in the water (HuffPo Women)

Spring cleaning tips (Babble)

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