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Woman’s Smash Cake Photo Shoot Is Exactly How We Should All Ring in Our 30s

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Do you remember your last birthday? How did you celebrate? Drinks with friends, maybe? Perhaps a relaxing spa day? Maybe a concert or football game, or an intimate dinner with your significant other? Chances are it was fun, but maybe not quite as fun as this next lady’s idea for a fun birthday. Taking a cue from the popular photos of baby’s first birthdays, one woman had a smash cake photo shoot to ring in her 30s. Yeah, that’s right. She got a cake…to smash… And quite frankly, I’m pretty sure once you see the photos, you, too, will wonder why you didn’t have this wonderful idea sooner.

The woman in question is Allison Neff, and she had a whole series of smash cake photos done for her 30th birthday posted on Cafe Mom.

“I had been to a few first birthday parties over the last year and … honestly, it looked like fun,” she shared with the website.

As a parent, I can’t say that I blame her. I’ve seen plenty of smash cakes done for first birthday (we wound up just using one “corner” of our son’s cake for him to smash) and it does look like it could be fun. Neff went all out for her photo shoot, wearing a crown and tutu to further resemble a first birthday look. She also had a sign made up that give her height and weight (redacted), as well as the things she can “do”. Parents write up these signs for their little ones to reveal their latest accomplishments, like being able to walk or say more than 5 words or whatever. Neff, apparently, can, “hold down a job,” “pay rent on time,” and “make her own doctor’s appointments.” Not too shabby!

Seems Neff isn’t the only one doing this following in the adult smash cake trend. A quick glance through Twitter reveals that others are already doing this. Like this 21 year old shotgunning two beer bottles at her smash cake shoot to ring in the year when she can finally (legally) drink:

And this tiara-wearing 30 year old who’s definitely getting into the smash cake spirit:

And this 90-year-old woman who proves you’re never too old to get your hands dirty and your face covered in cake:

What do you think? Will you be having a smash cake at your next birthday? Let us know in the comments!

(Image: Instagram / @nefferator)