Pinterest Is Getting A ‘Buy’ Button, So Get Ready To Spend Your Kid’s College Fund On Mason Jars And Birthday Parties

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shutterstock_244347031Pinterest is a goldmine of opportunity for pride and shame. Show off that perfect Frozen-theme bento! Weep over the photos of someone else’s perfect first birthday party that is just slightly more perfect than the first birthday party you threw six weeks ago. Wallow in the feeling that you could give your child the perfect, happy life if only you could give her a bunny-shaped nightlight that costs $80. And now Pinterest is ready to take that back-and-forth to the next level by letting you buy that $80 nightlight right on the site, because it is reportedly coming out with a “Buy” button in just a few months.

Pinterest could be ready to take all your mom dollars with that new “Buy” button in about six months. Re/Code writes:

“…it’s logical to assume people are signaling some interest — if not clear purchase intent — in a product when they Pin an image. By adding a Buy button, Pinterest is aiming to shrink the time between wanting something and buying it.”

Oh God, this could be an absolute disaster for me. The fact that Pinterest comes with a built-in “think it over” period between wanting something and buying it is the only reason my infant is not dressed like Quinoa, Pinterest’s imaginary well-dressed toddler daughter. It is also the only reason I am not currently living in a very well-decorated corner of my parents’ basement filled with mason jars and DIY mud masks right now.

Re/Code reports that Pinterest’s e-commerce function could come as early as six months from now, but it could be a little longer. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to spend the next few months looking at Pinterest fails, taking deep breaths, and telling myself that Pinterest won’t make my parenting perfect. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help with that. I know, I can probably find some of those on Pinterest!

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