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Mom ETC delivers a short, to the point “mom’s eye-view” of the best mom-related content on the web. You will find everything moms like us are interested in, such as tips and tricks, parenting blogs, entertainment, culture, vital information and more. With Mom ETC you won’t have to spend hours on the web to discover the most hilarious videos, Twitter trends, ingenious devices and products, not to mention apps that will save you time and money. The segment also features an Ashford University spotlight that lets us know more about their university and what they have to offer women who are looking to further their education.

In this segment of Mom ETC we learn about Jezebel’s fun cleaning column “Ask a clean person,” how to use Twitter in a whole new way (as a news tracker!) and all about our favorite hilarious new web series “Conversations  with my 2-year-old.”  We also hear about some useful apps, like “Evernote” so we can organize our lives, “How to Cook Everything” where we can make a shopping list, find menu ideas and follow recipes all in one, as well as the Ozeri frying pan. This episode of Mom ETC. is brought to you by Ashford University who provides working adults with the opportunity to earn their college degree by accessing their college experience online.

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This post is sponsored by Ashford University.