Gay Tennessee Teen Leaves Note For Mother Before Comitting Suicide

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gay teen suicideGay suicide by kids responding to cruel bullying is showing no sign of slowing down in the headlines with yet another young kid having taken his life. To add to this heartbreaking trend is Phillip Parker, a 14-year-old from Tennessee who committed suicide after enduring relentless bullying in his high school. He also left a single gut-wrenching message for his mother before shuffling off this mortal coil.

Phillip’s parents and grandparents found his body, but also a message in the trash can that simply read: “Please help me Mom.” His parents had raised their son’s bullying with school administrators, but in a predictable plot device that we know all too well, the school didn’t do anything to prevent the abuse.

Phillip’s parents said that they were concerned about their son, but that they were also unaware of how deeply their boy was actually hurting. Phillip’s grandfather told the press:

“Because he was gay, he got mistreated physically, mentally by several people out there at the school, and I am very resentful as a result of it. After he did what he did, we found out a lot that we didn’t know and there is a lot of bullying that goes on at the school.”

Phillip’s story and death are sadly becoming commonplace given that nearly half of even elementary school teachers hear homophobic language, but fail to intervene. Not addressing the importance of tolerance in the classroom and standing with LGBTQ concerns just makes queer children feel more isolated in their torment.

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