Morning Feeding: 1 in 3 High Schoolers Who Use Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes Are Addicted

Kids who start using substances under the age of 18 are 6 times more likely to becomes addicts (msnbc)

Vaccines can protect the youngest of babies (The New York Times)

XX Factor has a new design! (DoubleX)

Children who survive cancer are often at risk for developing new tumors (Reuters)

Just how gross are your pillows? (ShelterPop)

Beyonce is considering starting a family with Jay-Z (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Why morning is the best time for sex (YourTango)

Ten ways to teach kids to love America (

Russell Brand and Kristin Wiig are the world’s sexiest vegetarians according to PETA (The Frisky)

Ken hair for men (The Hairpin)


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