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‘Beyonce Shmonce,’ Comedian Chelsea Peretti Announced She’s Pregnant With a Funny Instagram Photo

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Beyonce is a goddess and a queen. Her pregnancy announcement belongs in the Museum of Modern Art. But there is only one Beyonce. While Beyonce elevated the pregnancy announcement to high art, a lot of celebrities stick to the traditional celebrity baby announcement wherein they get a great blow-out and stand around naked and holding their bellies. “I am totally naked and holding my belly, like you do.”

Not many people can make a pregnancy reveal look as big and spectacular as Beyonce, and that’s why it’s pretty great to see my imaginary best friend Chelsea Peretti go completely the opposite direction and release a last-minute pregnancy announcement of her own:

beyonce schmonce

A photo posted by Chelsea Peretti (@chelsanity) on

Comedian and Brooklyn 99 star Chelsea Peretti is married to Jordan Peele of Key and Peele, so one can only assume that she is currently gestating the funniest damn baby that has ever lived. I’m pretty sure it’s going to come out wearing Groucho glasses.

Yesterday Peretti posted the “announcement” to Instagram, but it was barely an annoucement. Peretti was posting mirror-selfies in a room full of tiny lights, and the last photo just happened to reveal Peretti’s pregnant stomach. For Peretti, that was the big reveal.

“beyonce shmonce,” she wrote, riffing on the much bigger star’s much bigger pregnancy announcement, which had the whole Internet talking for at least two days.

This baby announcement is pretty on-brand for Peretti and Peele. They dated for three years, then eloped without telling anybody. News of their nuptials came in the middle of a bit Peele was doing on Late Night with Seth Meyers. While listing off facts about himself, Peele mentioned: “I am married to actress Chelsea Peretti.” They hadn’t mentioned it before, so everyone assumed it was a joke until Peretti confirmed it. Apparently the couple eloped to Hawaii with nobody but their dog, who attended the nuptials in a little Hawaiian shirt.

With that as precedent, we’re probably not going to get to see actual baby pictures until the kid is five, at which point it will pop up in the background of a random photo and Peretti will say, “Oh yeah, we made a human being.”