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This Photo of Will Smith Looking Like Uncle Phil Will Make You Double-Take

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(YouTube / Tony Barnett)

Sometimes, the internet can take a moment that would normally make a person green with envy and turn it into a thing of beauty. Case in point: Will Smith’s recent trip to Zambia, where he fulfilled a 20-year dream to bungee jump off the bridge at Victoria Falls. Smith posted a video of himself taking the plunge, of course, because everyone knows that if you don’t share something on social media it never happened. In this case, we’re happy he shared, because an eagle-eyed viewer noticed a striking similarity between Smith and his former TV Uncle.

As Smith dangled upside-down over the Zambezi River, an imgur user pinpointed the exact moment when Will looks almost exactly like James Avery, aka the man who played Uncle Phil on Smith’s ’90s TV show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” (Let’s all pause a moment to recite the show’s theme rap.)

Honestly, it’s pretty uncanny:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.58.55 PM

On one hand, it’s pretty easy to see this and say, “Daaaaamn, Will!” On the other hand, their similarity starts to make a little more sense when you consider that the 48-year-old Smith is now older than Avery was when the series debuted. Feeling old yet? In fact, Smith is now the very same age Avery was during Season Three (the show’s most popular season). This all gets me thinking — perhaps it is time Smith returns to the small screen for a Fresh Prince spinoff where he plays “Uncle Will.”

Now this is a story all about how…okay, I’ll stop.