Anna Duggar Breaks Silence on Baby No. 6 Pregnancy Rumors

Many of us love babies and when we hear a pregnancy announcement or a pregnancy rumor we are excited. Because that’s happy news and it’s easy to be happy for others when that happens. There are some celebrities that are always on the tabloid covers with rumors they are expecting a baby and people are real excited. Then, there are other “celebrities” where concern and OMG comes to mind when rumors about their pregnancy hit… and that’s what happened with Anna Duggar.

Rumors started swirling that Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, was pregnant.

The two already share 5 children together which gives feels to many people given Josh’s history of being a total piece of shit. People are genuinely concerned with Anna’s well-being given all that her husband put her through when news broke that he molested his sisters when he was younger… and that he cheated on Anna when she was pregnant.

But they’re Duggars and they breed and apparently have no grounds for divorce being an option. When rumors recently started after Anna was spotted wearing a dress she wore when she was “heavily pregnant” with her son, Mason, people were concerned.

A person on reddit noticed and wrote, “I think she’s pregnant. Yes, it’s sooner than her usual pattern, but I think she was pregnant at Si’s wedding.” The pattern this person is referring to seems to be that these two have babies every two to four-ish years on odd numbered years. Michael was born in 2007, Mackynzie was born in 2009, Marcus in 2013, Meredith in 2015, and Mason in 2017.

Because they have five babies already — and why is she having more with him. But, to each their own and if she’s happy and her kids are safe… so be it we guess. The Duggar family don’t usually address rumors until they’re ready to announce something themselves…

But Anna Duggar broke tradition on that when someone left a comment on her Instagram photo saying, “I saw another pic and you definitely are showing,” under Anna’s photo.

The 30-year-old former reality TV star actually replied, and said, “I’m not expecting…only overdue for a diet.”

So there we have it.. she’s a normal typical mom who really does look great and we really need to stop assuming people are pregnant all the time.

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