Sorry, But Liking A Facebook Picture Won’t Cure Cancer Or Get You Into Heaven

like3I really like Facebook. I mean I like, like Facebook. (Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg. WINK!)

I spend tons of time on Facebook, and I credit it for helping me to stay in touch with all of my friends as I have become a work-at-home mom troll and also for getting me back in touch with quite a few friends from high school and middle school. Facebook makes the world go round.

In addition to liking Facebook, I also like things on Facebook. If I see a hilarious picture, I will show my support with the click of a mouse or the tap of an iPhone screen.

If my friend gets a promotion, LIKE. If another friend has a baby, I wish I could like it TWICE. If a super-obvious, spammy picture about cancer circulates”¦ Wait a minute”¦ FUCK THAT SHIT.

The manipulative “like if you like” side of Facebook is really starting to get under my skin. Just as a side note, I know most people say””if you are so annoyed with Facebook, then you should just stop using it. For that, I will refer you to my previous post that summarizes why I will never delete ridiculous friends on my Facebook feed because I would rather make fun of them instead. I expect the same treatment in return.

But I have to know, do people who like cancer, military, and Jesus photos really think they are going to change the world? I have a somewhat religious community on my Facebook feed. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen friends like a photo that says “Like If You Love Jesus” or “Like If You Believe In Miracles.”

I hate to state the obvious here, but Jesus does not have a Facebook page (or at least an official one). Maybe I missed the memo, but I also don’t think Jesus is keeping score on Facebook to determine who shares his spam-tastic photo created by a low-level web marketing Facebook business page to determine who gets front row seats in heaven.

We get it. Cancer is bad. Jesus is great. You can do whatever you want on Facebook, and no one can stop you, but remember””it is impossible to cure cancer by sharing a photoshopped picture on social media.

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