Just When You Thought the Fingerling Craze Had Died Down, They Come Out With Dinosaurs

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Ugh, these things again. I somehow managed to get in on the ground floor of the Fingerlings craze early in 2017. A friend saw something that said they were going to be the new “It” toy of the holiday season, and Amazon was selling them for like $9 at that point. So I ordered a few, thinking, “just in case”, you know? Fast-forward 5 months and they were sold out everywhere. My kids didn’t even ask for them for Christmas, but they thought they were sort of cute, and have played with them a handful of times since. But if you’ve got a kid who’s Fingerling crazy, brace yourself: dinosaur Fingerlings are coming.

The dinosaur Fingerlings are just like the other ones (I think there was a monkey, and maybe a unicorn?). They sing, talk, and yes, they even fart.

The “Untamed” series has four little dinos: Stealth, Blaze, Fury, and Razor. The names seem very aggressive for cute little animals you’re supposed to wear on your fingers? But these little guys aren’t really cutesy. They’re supposed to mean! And vicious! They’re raptors! But again, you wear it on your finger. So. It’s cute.

dinosaur fingerlings

Image: YouTube/WowWee

Look at their cute little faces! I mean, not cute! Mean! Mean, vicious dinosaur faces (that you wear on your finger and make sing and fart)!

I’m sure these little guys will be just as popular as the original Fingerlings. Seriously, those things took OFF. I wonder how toy crazes get started, anyway. Because I had never heard of Fingerlings until my friend tipped me off, and then in a matter of months, they were harder to find than that tiny Lego piece my kid keeps losing. It’s like some random person picks the most obscure toy they can find and just hypes the fuck out of it.

There are a few other Fingerlings, too, if dinosaurs aren’t your thing. The company just released some cute new colors, including ombre two-toned adorableness and some covered in glitter, too.

Dinosaur Fingerlings hit stores in Canada, the UK, and Australia this week, and will be on the shelves in the US in May. So plan accordingly! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

(Image: YouTube / WowWee)

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