Lele Pons, Social Media Darling, Gets Lesson in Fibbing on Social Media

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Social media can make a star out of just about anybody. You start a YouTube channel, start getting some followers, and pretty soon, you’re a 21 year old “celebrity” with 18 million followers scrutinizing your every move, just waiting for a slip-up. Venezuelan social media star Lele Pons learned this the hard way a couple of days ago, when she posted a now-deleted picture to her Instagram account that didn’t quite pass muster.

Lele got herself a little hair cut, and was feeling philanthropic when she decided to donate the cut hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Except … well, let’s take a look, shall we?

The picture she posted of the after, with her sporting a cute platinum lob and her friend holding the hair that was to be donated, was quickly called out for the problems with it all. For starters, Lele has very bleached platinum hair. Which is pretty! But which also makes her hair unusable. But the main issue with the bunch of hair she was hoping to donate is the fact that it’s not actually her hair.

If you look closely just above the rubber band, you can see the tracks attached to the extensions!

Lele Pons, social media darling, tried to pass of a bunch of extensions as her own hair to be donated to a children’s cancer charity. That sentence probably says more about 2017 and the age of social media than anything we’ve written before.

Her followers (and basically everyone else who watched this unfold) were ON IT.


Lele Pons took to Twitter to try and clear up the issue.


She claims that the picture was meant to show how much she donated, not necessarily that the hair in the picture was what she ACTUALLY wanted to donate.

We suppose, in the excitement of deciding to do something really cool and donate her hair, she just didn’t think to check what the rules and restrictions about hair donation were, and just wanted to post a cool picture and get some headpats for being cool.


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Listen, social media can be amazing, and social media can also put your butt in so much hot water you’ll have steam coming out of your ears. This little flub of Lele Pons’ seems like it could’ve been a genuinely innocent mistake. But when you make your mistakes in front of 18 million people, someone is going to call you out. We sincerely hope she follows through with her pledge to find other ways to help people affected by hair loss because of cancer! A good social media PR team will take this misstep and turn it into a big leap forward. We’re rooting for you, Lele!

(Image: Instrgram / @lelepons)