Las Vegas Is Preparing For Everyone & Their Mother To Get Married Today Because It’s 12/12/12

June may be the booming month in the wedding industry, but that classic choice might perhaps find some competition this winter. Specifically in December, as the 12/12/12 wedding date is in high demand. So high that the one stop shop for weddings, Las Vegas, is buckling down for a matrimonial influx of Biblical proportions.

The New York Times reports that “thousands” of couples are expected to blow into town to secure a triple digit wedding date. And Sin City isn’t taking any chances:

This time, 80 or so chapels in town have been gearing up for the rush, as has the Marriage License Bureau, which went from five to nine windows and has had staff working overtime, according to Jim Pierce, assistant county clerk…Aimee Stephens, a spokeswoman for the chapel, said her colleagues had spent ”the past couple of months getting our game plans together” for the big day. There were 80 weddings scheduled for Wednesday at Chapel of the Flowers, about 15 times what would be expected for a Wednesday in December, she said.

Matrimony-bound couples are expected to be coming from all over: Luxembourg, Brazil, Canada, and England, paying any where from $812 to $2,412 on just that 12/12/12 ceremony. Such prices don’t even include photos, reception, or even that standard photo booth that’s at nearly every wedding I’ve attended in the last couple of years.

But the investment in a triple wedding date isn’t apparently all about a penchant for the number 12. An “easy” anniversary date is also the incentive here:

”People like being a part of something larger,” Ms. Stephens said, adding that the brides also wanted ”to make it easier for their husbands to remember.”

Sounds like quite the price tag in exchange for a few guaranteed Hallmark cards and rose bouquets.

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