Video: Stroller With Baby In It Rolls Onto Train Tracks

stroller train tracksOkay, so this is terrifying: A stroller with a five-month-old baby in it rolled onto the tracks at a busy railway station in Melbourne, Australia. Before you curl up in a ball and wail, know that everyone’s okay. The child’s horrified mother managed to leap onto the tracks and rescue her baby. But the video below is heart-stopping.

As you’ll see, the baby lands face down on after tumbling around four or five feet to the track. In a split second, the boy’s mom realizes what’s happening and springs to action. Shocked commuters watch in disbelief, many of them jumping forward to help. Thankfully, both mother and child make their way back onto the platform, safe and sound (aside from some bruising).

Though, really, can you imagine how shaken this woman must’ve been? I really feel for her. The whole incident is something most moms, at one point or another, have total nightmares about. I know many women who get anxious each and every time they approach a metro/subway station with their little ones in tow. Because, clearly, the unthinkable can happen in a split second. (When I was on mat leave and I’d go on crazy-long walks that included various hills, I used to grip the stroller for dear life on my way down. I will be sharing this story with all those who called me neurotic.)

[youtube_iframe id=”43y0zAj1mI0″]

(Photo: Goodshot)

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