Birth Control Recall: Majority Of Mommyish Readers Say Women Should Sue If Pregnant

birth control recallWe’re still waiting on the results of the birth control recall of 2012 in which women ingested faulty Pfizer birth control pills that did not protect against pregnancy. While it’s still too early for women to step forward and claim “wrongful pregnancy,” the possibility looms for many. And if any unintended pregnancies do pop up, the majority Mommyish readers think those women should sue.

Only 16.2% of readers think the ladies impacted by the birth control recall should abstain from suing if pregnant. And while some readers say that no birth control is 100% effective, others point out reasons why these women are perfectly within their right to put together a class action lawsuit, as stipulated by experts.

birth control recallReader Kamber Kubitz commented on our Facebook that these women were still misinformed about the probability of that pregnancy, as the probability for pregnancy was simply not the same:

Another commenter named Vanessa O. shared her personal story with a failed IUD and her reason not to sue after getting pregnant:

No BC is 100%. I got pregnant while I had the Paragard IUD inserted.

I had a career in education, a two year old, a happy marriage and DID NOT want to be pregnant. Removal of the IUD caused a false miscarriage and I became very, very depressed due to leaving my career, and other emotions that came with being pregnant. I am now recovering from the past year of feeling like I had no control over my own body/life.

Now, even though I contacted Paragard and reported my lot# and pregnancy, I will NOT sue them because I was fully aware of that 0.1%.

There is a reason for that 0.1%.

Time will tell if any pregnancies do result from this birth control recall and if any women do band together in pursuit of legal action. In the mean time, the majority of Mommyish readers would support such an endeavor.

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