After Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral, Keaton Jones’ Mom Is Outed as a Racist

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Well, if this isn’t the most 2017 thing to happen yet. Keaton Jones went viral for a heartbreaking video about being bullied at school. It really is the saddest goddamn thing, and our hearts break for him. Celebs and athletes rallied around Keaton, offering support, kind words, and some pretty amazing opportunities. But now, in an ironic turn of events, internet sleuths have uncovered some racist shit on the social media accounts of Keaton Jones’ mom, Kimberly.

Nice things, we don’t deserve them.

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Keaton Jones’ mom Kimberly recorded and posted the video of her son. But maybe, JUST MAYBE, she should have wiped her social media accounts first. This is the internet, Kimberly. We find shit out on here.

It shouldn’t be surprising that people found this stuff. It was all over her social media, before she locked them down. But the irony of a racist sharing a video about her son being bullied is … almost too much.

Kimberly’s accounts had posts about protesting athletes and Confederate flags, and not in the way you’d hope. Nope, she was all about that flag! Posed next to it and posted a picture of a kid holding it. Peak 2017, right here.

MMA Fighter Joe Schilling also posted an exchange he had with someone purporting to be Keaton Jones’ mom. To be clear, we don’t know if it’s her. But nothing would surprise us, tbh.

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