18 Funniest Vasectomy Cakes

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Pinterest / JB-Burnett

Continuing with our scissors theme, this cake cuts right to point and features an actual pair of scissors right on top. The scissors are situated between the standout feature of this cake: A pair of pink Hostess Snoballs (pink because the actual testicles are still sensitive perhaps?). It’s quite the visual, those two cream-filled cakes resting atop the cake. One might even call it audacious, and it is most definitely 100 percent adult-themed. The not-so-subtle illusion to testicles just wasn’t enough for this baker: The cake is also decorated with two sperm which have been exiled behind the familiar red “no entry” sign, and the plate even reads “Snip Snip Hooray!” This is a vasectomy cake, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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