The New Pope Believes He Is The Authority On How Children Should Be Raised And Educated

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new popeThe white smoke had come and gone and a new pope is among us. The Vatican has chosen Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And although he’s not in favor of  “Kills the Gays” legislation like a contender (points!), he is predictably in line with the whole children need a mother and a father line of thought. Not a big shocker by any means.

The Guardian describes the archbishop turned pope as “a Jesuit intellectual” who has a very deep compassion for the poor (but not the gays!). Upon being made cardinal in 2001, Bergoglio reportedly told “hundreds of Argentinians” to not throw away money on a plane ticket to Rome to celebrate with him. He encouraged his supporters to give that plane ticket cash to the poor. The man has a heart….but not for the gays or their children:

He was a fierce opponent of Argentina’s decision to legalise gay marriage in 2010, arguing children need to have the right to be raised and educated by a father and a mother.

So nothing to really new to see here, folks, but thanks for coming out. Much like Pope Benedict XVI, I fully expect to see our new pope getting up every Christmas to rail against the evils of same-sex marriage and how it’s destroying our children one gay marriage license at a time. As opposed to, you know, not having access to health insurance via their parents’ relationship status.

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