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TGI Friday Open Thread: Tell Us Your Valentine’s Day Plans, Including Ignoring It Completely

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It’s Valentine’s Day! Is everyone full of love and cheap chocolate yet? I have to admit that I sort of am because 1) I had a piece of Russel Stover candy for breakfast and 2) this is the first Valentine’s Day in a loooong time that I will not be serving over-priced meals to awkward dates. Wooohooo!

I’m not personally a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I always end up acknowledging it for some reason. We celebrated last night by buying a tub of Publix fried chicken and a giant heart-shaped box of cheap candy. Our date confirmed that Publix fried chicken is the best and cheap candy really does suck. Our toddler liked it though.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with celebrating love, it’s just that everything is four hundred percent more expensive and what is the point? We actually really wanted to have a double-date night with my sister and her husband tonight, then remembered that it was Valentine’s Day so best to just stay home and play Cards Against Humanity. So those are our big plans. What is everyone else doing? Do you like the holiday? Do you hate it? Do you even care?

While we are on the subject of the holiday, let’s talk about what’s really important – candy! What’s your favorite? Mine is Sees Milk Chocolate Bordeaux. I grew up with these in California so some of my love may be wrapped up in the nostalgia of childhood, but they are delicious; brown sugar buttercream covered in milk chocolate with milk chocolate sprinkles.



Happy Valentine’s Day to those who care and happy Friday to those who don’t.