Twitter Can’t Handle This Mom Who Asks Daughter to Fake an Accident to Get Her out of Work

We’ve all had those moments where we’d do just about anything to get off work. Faking sick is always an option, but maybe you’ve already done that one too many times, and while you could fake an injury on the job, there’s too much paperwork involved with that. You might consider more creative methods. When you’re a mom, you can also use your kids to help you get out of things. One mom took it above and beyond though when she asked her daughter to fake an injury so she could get off work. And yes, Twitter is loving it.

Twitter user @xhaileysmith recently posted a series of text between her and her mother that in her words prover her mom is “so extra.” Right off the bat, it already starts kind of gruesome.

“Send me a pic of a cut,” the mom asks her daughter, suggesting she use make-up to create one or simply find one on the internet. Her goal? To leave work early. Now, I’m not sure what kind of job this mom has, but I’m guessing it must be pretty bad if she’s asking her daughter to participate in this bizarre charade.

The daughter replies with a simple, “mom” and a whole mess of cry-laugh faces, because seriously, who does this? She probably figured her mother was just messing with her. But no.

“Seriously lol,” the work-avoidant mama replies. Yup. The mom is legit. Hailey (or at least, we’re assuming her name is Hailey…her pseudonym on Twitter is “young gunner” which is less likely to be on her birth certificate) then sends her mother a pretty nasty photo of a bloody cut.

“Perfect!” replies the mom. “Say something about mowin the grass.”

You can tell this job-hating mom has given this some thought and is not about to let it go. Daughter-of-the-year Hailey replies with a story about mowing the grass and a shard of glass flying up and cutting her arm.

You can see the full exchange below:

The “concerned” mom no doubt showed the final portion of the thread to her employer who actually let her go home (because they’re obviously not a monster), and the rest is Twitter history.

In fact, Twitter is loving this mom who asked her daughter to fake an injury:

Apparently friends of the young gunner weren’t too phased by all this.

Some were concerned that the mom might get into trouble

One user could totally relate

And other simply admired the act

(Image: Twitter / @xhaileysmith)

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