Trading Spaces Is Coming Back! This Is Not a Drill!

Ok, I know some of you are still mourning the end of Fixer Upper. And you need time to process that! But before you swear off home renovation shows forever, I have some good news for you: Trading Spaces is back, baby! The hit TLC show ended it’s run in 2008, much to the dismay of millions of fans. But they’re gearing up for more renovation swaps, and the trailer for the new season has been revealed.

Trading Spaces was one of the best shows on TLC, back when TLC was more than just Gosselins and Honey Boo-Boos. Two sets of neighbors would redecorate each other’s homes, with the help of a designer and $1000. The results were either amazing, or godawful.

Most of the original cast members will be returning. Paige Davis, Doug Wilson, Genevieve Gorder, Hildi Santo-Tomas, Vern Yip, Frank Bielic, and Laurie Smith are all signed on to appear. Our favorite hot carpenters Ty Pennington and Carter Oosterhouse will also be back (thank god).

The cast will also feature a rotating lineup of designers, including HGTV star Sabrina Soto, and Oprah’s go-to guy, Nate Berkus.

The premise of the show will remain basically the same as the original. Each set of neighbors will redecorate (and sometimes renovate, if they get a designer who’s feeling ambitious). The budget has been upped, from $1000 to $2000, which makes sense. A grand doesn’t get you very far in the home decor world anymore! It’ll be insane and fun, and I sincerely hope someone turns their neighbor’s rec room into a space-themed entertainment den. The best part of the show is the looks on the faces of the people who you KNOW hate the room, but have to wear a fake smile while the camera is 3 inches from their face.

You can see the full trailer above, but beware of the screaming (I forgot how much screaming was involved in this show). The new season debuts on TLC on April 7, 2018. Can’t wait!

(Image: Facebook/Trading Spaces)


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