Dove’s New ‘Body-Positive’ Bottle Campaign Is Getting Trolled On Twitter

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By now, you might have heard about Dove’s latest ploy to pander to the body-positive movement: a line of body wash bottles that are supposed to be representative of people’s various body shapes. It’s…pretty bad. While Dove has done some interesting and somewhat feminist advertising work in using models of various shapes and ethnicities, and other campaigns (like the #RealBeauty ad), it seems that they continue to miss the mark. So much so that social media will not keep quiet about it. Case in point, Dove’s new bottle campaign is getting trolled on Twitter in some seriously awesome and hilarious ways.

See, Dove, we appreciate that you want to celebrate all kinds of bodies (or at least that you say you do). That’s definitely a step in the right direction, and I do give them recognition for at least trying to get it right. But, well…watch this commercial:

[youtube_iframe id=”CRiv2lgaX_U”]

I don’t know about y’all, but had they not mentioned the bottles were supposed to represent various body types, I would have just thought, “Oh, hey, cute randomly sized bottles.” But the fact that they think these bottles are supposed to make us want to buy them, and to buy the ones that correspond to our particular shape? Yeah, no. Nu-uh. I’m not really feeling it, Dove. And of course, Twitter is certainly not feeling it either. But they’re way more creative about showing you just how much they’re not feeling it.

For example, in this spoof of the campaign that’s also a tribute to some popular Mario Bros characters:

Some folks are just speculating how this idea even came into play in  the first place. Ah, to be a fly on that wall:

There’s some creative photoshopping, of course:

And also imagining all the problems that choosing the, ahem, wrong bottle might cause:

One Twitter user is even (jokingly) accusing them of being late to the party:

And yes, it just keeps getting sillier:

But for real, the true takeaway Dove and more importantly, their marketing team, need to realize, is that it’s going to take more than a weak bottle size campaign to get feminism right. Maybe they can start by hiring more folks from diverse backgrounds to bring in fresh ideas. What do you say, Dove? I can send you my resume stat.

(Image: YouTube / Dove UK)