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Toddler’s Faceswap with Thomas the Tank Engine is the Best of Technology

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(Instagram / irenechou0320)

Snapchat’s faceswap filter may no longer be at the top of the cultural zeitgeist, but it still has the ability to make everyone laugh. Case in point: Irene Chou, a tattoo artist in Taiwan, uploaded a snap of her toddler son pulling off one of the most perfectly executed faceswaps in history – with a Thomas the Tank Engine ride-on toy.

Now, I’ve been known to dabble in Snapchat’s Faceswap feature. I’ve swapped mugs with my dog, my kids, and even Beyoncé (okay it was her face on a magazine cover), so I know a good swap when I see one. And this, my friends, is easily one of the best. There are so many elements that came together perfectly, but I think the adorable round cheeks of Chou’s son are what really put this over the top.


I can’t stop laughing! Chou’s son and Thomas the Tank Engine are basically one and the same. And the fact that it’s a video makes this even more epic. I especially love how the little boy just happily goes on playing, seemingly oblivious to his advanced social media mastery.

Honestly, this is even better than my Faceswap with Beyoncé.

If all of that cuteness isn’t enough for you, Mama Chou uploaded a drawing she did of the legendary Faceswap that really puts the whole incident over-the-top.

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