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Amber Rose Bleached Her Son’s Hair to Match Hers and Of Course People Had Opinions

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People are absolutely insane. Amber Rose posted a photo of her son and his newly bleached blonde hair, and obviously people had opinions about it. Was it because she bleached her kids hair? Nope. Was it because she dared to do something they don’t agree with? Not really! People in her mentions were up in arms over the kid’s hair because they claim she’s going to make him gay. MAKE. HIM. GAY. As much as I love the internet and most of the weirdos who inhabit this space, stuff like this makes me want to toss my laptop into the ocean and live off the grid.

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Amber Rose has a 5-year-old son named Sebastian, with her ex Wiz Khalifa.

He’s been begging Amber for a year for hair that matches hers, which is SO SWEET I cannot deal. For his 5th birthday, mama finally gave in.

Just, LOOK AT HIS FACE. First of all, that is one cute little boy. His smile is too much. And his hair looks adorable! Sure, you can make the argument that 5 is a bit young for that kind of chemical hair treatment. But it’s hair, it’ll grow out. I’d be hard-pressed to say no to my kid if they asked to match my hair, and it made their face do that.

For reference, this is what Amber Rose looks like. Twinning with her son, too damn cute.

Now again, if you’re a parent on the internet, you sort of expect people to critique your every move. And I was sure her mentions would be full of “BUT THE CHEMICALS!!!!” comments. But no. Oh no. Just when you think you’ve got this mommyshaming thing figured out, trolls swing a right hook that you never saw coming.

People weren’t mad about the actual dying of Sebastian’s hair. They were mad because apparently letting your son be a creative individual means you’re trying to turn him gay. It’s still 2018, right? We didn’t somehow go back in time 50 years? Just checking.

amber rose

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“I just think you’re making your son gay and letting him think its okay”. Um. Really? Are we … still doing this?

amber rose

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Yes, because we all know that football players can’t be gay. It’s against the gay rules. Or is it the straight rules? I can’t keep track.

amber rose

Image: Instagram/@amberrose

This idea that kids can’t express themselves or exhibit their own creative individualism is such a boneheaded way of thinking. He’s 5 years old, not 5 months old.

He’s a little person with thoughts and feelings and ideas. And oh no! An adult male paints his fingernails!!! Whatever will we do?

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My twin ? #sebastiantaylorthomaz

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He looks adorable, and Amber Rose seems like a really good, hands-on mom. Let kids be who they are, and let parents do what they do. Certainly there are more important things to worry about, like men wearing nail polish.

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