Scared That You’re Becoming Your Parents? Too Late, This Viral Twitter Thread Proves It’s Already Happened

We all did it. Swore that we would NEVER grow up to be like our parents. We would be cool! Hip! With it! And then, somewhere along the way, we slowly began morphing into the people who raised us. Maybe it happened when you had your own kids. Or maybe it happened as you got older and started to appreciate how awesome going to bed early really is. Either way, whether you like it or not, chances are you are becoming your parents. A viral thread on Twitter has people sharing the “Signs You’ve Become Your Parents” they’ve experienced, and it is hilarious.

Signs You’ve Become Your Parents are everywhere. Just look at how you parent your own kids (guilty of this in so many ways).

I actually did pull the car over once, and I turned that bitch right around and we went back home. Anytime my own parents did that, I cursed them as terrible, mean parents. So I imagine my own kids do the same, and I don’t even care.

Remember that condescending way your mom and dad talked to you and other people? Yeah … we do that now.

“But whyyyyyyyyyyy not?” “DON’T ASK ME WHY, WHY BECAUSE I JUST SAID SO, THAT IS REASON ENOUGH.” What is it about kids that makes them question every goddamn thing that comes out of your mouth?! If there was room for negotiation, my voice would’ve indicated such. The Mom Voice leaves no room for interpretation.

Going to bed early is THE BEST. So is eating early, getting home early, anything that results in more time on the couch.

The thing is, if you eat at 5, you’re home by 6:30, and bedtime at 8 just makes sense in that case. If I stay up past 10 now, I feel it for 3 days straight. Sleep is just so, so good.

This is my life, everyday. I cycle through 2 kids’, 2 dogs’, and 3 cats’ names before I even come close to using the correct one. Most of the time, I just point and say, “You” or “That one”. So much easier.

How have you morphed into your parents? Tell us in the comments!

(Image: iStock/Highwaystarz-Photography)

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