This Big Brother-To-Be’s Reaction to His Baby Sister Kicking Is Hilarious

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There are so many fun things you can expect when you’re pregnant with your second child. One of the most fun things is watching your older child watch you get larger and not really understand what is going on. If you had your kids close in age then this phenomenon is even funnier because you can’t really explain it too well. But, there are also some pretty funny things that can happen, too. Like the funny things your older child says while watching your belly grow and not totally understanding it all. They say anything and it’s painful, but funny too. It’s hard to understand the whole pregnancy thing and this one big brother-to-be didn’t quite get it either.

A second time mom-to-be posted the sweetest and funniest video to Facebook of Mason, a three-year-old big brother-to-be who is getting to bond with his little sister who isn’t born yet.

The mom posted the video to her social media and it was very clear that this was going to be one of those videos you could watch over and over. And that’s what people did. Over 17 MILLION views have been had on this video since it was uploaded to Facebook on January 31st. The short clip is only 22-seconds long, but that’s all you need for a cute giggle and an OMG this little big brother-to-be is going to be the best sibling.

Cassidy Peterson of Sikeston, Missouri, shared the video of her little boy who was talking to his baby sister. Little Mason was being happy and adorable… then his sister kicked. And his reaction is what makes this video one of the cutest in all the land.

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In a news interview, Cassidy said Mason loves to talk to his sister, “He will come up and kiss my belly and tell her he loves her. I was telling him it was time for bed as I started videoing taping.” She continues, “He asked if he could tell his baby goodnight. You cannot hear my stomach rumble in the video as that was when I pressed record on my phone. He then asked what she was doing and we waited for the next rumble instead he got a surprise kick.”

Wait for it…………………..Rd White ????

Posted by Cassidy Patterson on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Judging by his reaction to his little sister kick, he wasn’t expecting it. And we think he is going to be the cutest brother ever.

(Image: Facebook / Cassidy Peterson)