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Clever Boy Outsmarts His Mom in Viral Tweet

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(Twitter / @4Ever_Waiting)

Before I was pregnant, I dreamed about what my future children would be like. Gorgeous, obviously. Incredibly gifted at sports. And genius-level smart. When my oldest was born, I couldn’t wait for her to start talking, walking, and growing up. As any veteran parent knows, only rookies look forward to these milestones. Once you have a kid or two under your belt, you quickly realize that with the advent of walking, talking, and learning, kids quickly become little people who are constantly looking for ways to outsmart their parents.

Mom and Twitter user @4Ever_Waiting is the latest mother of a kid who is too damn smart for his own good. She recently uploaded a photo of her smarty-pants son “beating the system.” In their house, tablets aren’t allowed in the kitchen, and food isn’t allowed in the living room. This evil little genius figured out that if he placed his tablet at the edge of the living room and his food at the edge of the kitchen, he’d be able to enjoy both.

That is some next-level outsmarting, and I am here for it simply because he is not my child. However, if one of my kids figured out a way around a rule like this, I’d be so pissed simply because I’d have no recourse. He’s not breaking any rules. HE WON. I hate it when kids win at my expense.

The good news for @4Ever_Waiting is that she has a very smart, clever little boy on her hands. The bad news is that she has a very smart, clever little boy on her hands. The responses to @4Ever_Waiting’s tweet (which went viral) warn her about the dangers that lie ahead when her son reaches his teen years. Godspeed, dear @4Ever_Waiting. May your clever boy use his brain for good and not evil.