”˜Meme Day’ Takes High School Spirit Days to a Whole New Level

Remember the ol’ high school spirit days way back when? I know at my school, we used to do things like “Tacky Tourist Day” or “Weird Hat Day,” all of which would culminate in a big pep rally right before some major football game (probably homecoming? Who knows). Well, kids are still dressing up in funny outfits in the name of school spirit. But one school found a way to take high school spirit days to the next level by way of Meme Day. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like””and we’ve even got the photos to prove it.

Last month, seniors at Chula Vista, California’s Olympian High School found a way to make the perhaps outdated spirit days into the 21st century. After all, what teen these days didn’t grow up completely online, and fully aware of meme culture? OK, maybe I should back up for those who might be squinting at your screen saying, “Meme? But…what is that?”

A meme (pronounced meem), is basically either an image, video, or text (like a popular hashtag, for example), that spreads like wildfire across the internet. For example, you may have seen this guy on your Facebook feed in recent weeks…months?:
Giphy / Twitter
Giphy / Twitter

Apparently he’s a chef who seems to really enjoy being sassy while he pours salt. Someone on the internet found him to be hilarious, and made a gif or video. Then they shared it, and suddenly the guy became “Salt Bae,” and the rest is history.

Anyhow, the high schoolers at Olympian thought that “Meme Day” would be the perfect addition to spirit week and it, of course, went viral as well. I mean, just look:

meme day
Image: Twitter / @alandizn1

Guy Fieri? Idiot Sandwich? Salt Bae? Deal With It? OK, you might need to google some of those if you’re over 21…or maybe 25, but still! This is some grade-A satire and pop culture commentary all blended into one. And if you’re not fully convinced, what about mannequin head girl?


Too damn good.

It’s clear these kids would win at a Halloween costume contest. But it’s also clear that they’re really just doing what they do, and probably don’t care about our approval one way or another. Either way, it probably made for a fun as hell spirit day. Kudos to y’all, Olympian High.

(Image: Twitter/alandizn1)

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