This Mom’s Ear-Piercing Nightmare Should Make You Think Long and Hard About Where You Get Your Children’s Ears Pierced

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Getting your baby’s ears pierced is a personal (and somewhat controversial) decision. It’s really up to the parents, and once they’ve decided to do it, the focus should be on finding a clean, safe, and reputable place to have it done. While many parents like the convenience of going to a mall store or kiosk, you should also be aware of the risks involved at some of these places. A mom in Pennsylvania is sharing her experience of getting her baby’s ears pierced at Piercing Pagoda. If you’re considering piercing your little one’s ears, you’re going to want to read this.

Piercing Pagoda is a fairly popular piercing kiosk. They have locations in malls all over the country, and claim to be clean, safe, and experienced in pediatric piercing.

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Image: Facebook/Marlyn Elizabeth

Marlyn Elizabeth was looking to get her 2-month old daughter’s ears pierced. After doing some research, she decided to take her baby girl to the local Piercing Pagoda in the Neshaminy Mall. Says Marlyn, “I looked for many places to get my baby girls ears pierced and their website stated ‘professional ear piercing done by professionals’ also that their system is “100% safe” and that they dealt with babies.”

“Well that was a lie”. What Marlyn described in her Facebook post was anything but professional.

Marlyn says she was given attitude by one of the employees on duty at the kiosk. She proceeded with the piercing, but things went from bad to much, much worse. According to Marlyn, “When they pierced my baby’s ear according to the girl the gun got stuck and all I saw was her pulling off the earring she wrongly pierced and attempting to do it again while my baby is screaming.” She asked for the manager, and showed him the dot on her daughter’s ear, and the attempted piercing.

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Image: Facebook/Marlyn Elizabeth

The employee and manager proceeded to yell and curse at Marlyn, and blamed her for the gun moving. Even after Marlyn left the kiosk, she was followed by an employee. The man continued to berate and curse at Marlyn and her sister in the middle of a crowded food court. When an unidentified woman tried to intervene, he proceeded to scream at her and called her a bitch.

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Image: Facebook/Marlyn Elizabeth

Security got involved in the altercation, because of the threats made by the employee towards Marlyn and her sister. The whole situation sounds like an absolute nightmare, and that poor baby!

If anyone is looking to get their ears pierced DO NOT GO TO PIERCING PAGODA in the neshaminy mall. I looked for many…

Posted by Marlyn Elizabeth on Monday, January 15, 2018

You can read Marlyn’s full account above. If you’re considering piercing your baby’s ears, the best place to go is a piercing or tattoo shop, and work with trained professionals. You can also ask your pediatrician if it’s a service their office provides.

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