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Terrible Human Shames TV Meteorologist Over Her Postpartum Body

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Body shaming is never OK. It’s not OK to do to children, it’s not OK to do to adults, men, women, anyone. It’s definitely not OK to do to new mothers, either, who are in a particularly fragile state seeing as they just had a baby, are sleep deprived and exhausted, and much too busy to have to deal with anyone’s BS. And yet for some reason, there are some vile people in the world who think it’s their job to share lousy opinions. Case in point: this meterologist who posted an e-mail from someone shaming her for her postpartum bod.

Carrie Duncan has been sharing the weather forecast on WLOX in Mississippi for almost 15 years. She’s received a lot of praise, but she has occasionally had to deal with a rat or two sneaking in to try and ruin her day. The accomplished meteorologist also recently had a baby, and apparently one viewer has decided to make a point of commenting on Duncan’s postpartum body in a negative way. Read it for yourself in Duncan’s Facebook post:

Honestly, I hate to even share this repulsive attack on Duncan, though I understand why she hid their identity (we don’t need to make trolls famous). But you have to hand it to Duncan for handling it in such a class way. Despite the awful things that this viewer said in their e-mail, she didn’t stoop down to their level.

“I am sharing this email I received to show you what some people have to go through,” she says in her post.

“There are some people who are seriously unhappy. Ugly people always have something ugly to say,” Duncan adds.

She’s completely right. Whoever this foolish person was possibly (and erroneously) believed that their e-mail was actually going to make an impact. They were probably thinking that they could say these terrible things and push Duncan to leave her job. But why on earth would anyone leave what they love to do over one troll’s poorly written e-mail? Personally, I’ve come to realize that social media has sadly made many people feel like their shitty opinions matter. But guess what? They still don’t. But hopefully someday they get that their sad attempts at making other people feel bad are about as effective as this tried and true meme:

Imgur / angeloftheassbutt

Image: Imgur / angeloftheassbut

Duncan had one more thing to add to her response:

“Here’s the thing, if you don’t like something/someone on tv, change the channel. Please STOP WITH THE HATE!”

Amen to that.

(Image: Facebook / Carrie Duncan)