Meghan Markle Is Celebrating Her Pregnancy With A Second Baby Shower

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Image: Facebook/Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

You guys, IT’S ALMOST ROYAL BABY TIME. Yes, we know, we just got a royal baby last year. And we, we realize that here in the U.S., we don’t have a royal family. So we have to co-opt the actual royal family. And we are fine with that! We’ve loved following along with the engagements and pregnancy announcements and weddings and baby arrivals. There’s something intriguing and sweet about watching real-life Duchesses in action. It’s even more special to watch Meghan Markle and her journey, because she’s one of our own! An American girl-gone-royal. But more than that, the love between Meghan and Prince Harry is obviously deep and genuine and they are adorable, so we’ve followed her pregnancy since it was announced. Which means we followed a pregnant Meghan to NYC, where she had a baby shower.

Meghan Markle flew to NYC a few days ago, and she allegedly had a baby shower to celebrate impending motherhood.

The Duchess of Sussex spent some time at The Mark Hotel, a chic 5-star hotel in NYC. Sure, she could have just been having lunch or something. But how do you explain the flowers being delivered to the hotel earlier in the day? Or the crib that was also delivered?! There’s only one explanation: ROYAL BABY SHOWER! It was allegedly a small affair, with about 15-20 close friends. Guests included stylist Jessica Mulroney, designer Misha Nonoo, and Meghan’s former Suits co-star Abigail Spencer. If you were hoping the color of the flowers delivered to the hotel would give us a clue about what Meghan is having, we have some bad news. The beautiful arrangements included pink, blue, yellow, and purple blooms. Keeping us in the dark!

Meghan Markle will reportedly have a second baby shower across the pond in the coming weeks.

Meghan and Harry are flying to Morocco for an official visit, and will be there from February 23-25. When they return to the UK, friends and family will shower Meghan and baby with some more love. No idea who will be in attendance, but we suspect a strong royal showing, with sis-in-law Kate Middleton joining in on the baby shower fun. Then hopefully, Meghan and Harry get some time to prepare for their little one, who is said to be arriving sometime at the end of April or early May. We all saw the hoopla surrounding the birth of a royal baby when Kate and Will welcomed their three children. So new parents Meghan and Harry likely won’t have much downtime after their royal baby makes their debut!

We love this stuff so much, we can’t even tell you. Safe travels, Meghan and baby!


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