Twitter Is All About This Teen Girl’s Positive Post About Facing Her Fears

Fat-shaming and body-shaming in general are a serious problem in our society. Some folks out there think that it’s somehow their business or somehow OK to make others feel bad about what they look like. Bullies have been feeling empowered. You can find plenty of evidence of this on social media, where trolls go to say terrible things while hiding behind screens like cowards. But many these days are taking a stand against them. And one surprising champion against them is a 13-year-old girl named Paris Harvey. And this teen girl’s most recent body positive post has Twitter all a-flutter.

Harvey has a metabolic condition that causes her gain weight easily. It also makes it difficult for her to lose any of it. On top of that, she’s got hip dysplasia, meaning her hip socket or hip joint don’t allow her to completely support the femoral head, making one leg to appear shorter than the other. It also causes her to limp. It’s hard enough to be a 13 year old, so you can imagine how difficult it can be for Harvey, who is bullied for the way she looks and walks.

“I got bullied in the past, and after a while you start to believe what people say. I became really insecure about how I looked,” said Harvey in an interview with Metro UK.

That said, Harvey more recently decided she wasn’t going to take any more crap from anyone. She decided to hit the beach, and rather than hide her body, she decided to embrace it by wearing a swimsuit and taking some photos of herself. It had been three years since the last time she did this. Anyone who’s ever struggled with body image issues (and that’s a lot of us) knows that taking to the beach and donning a swimsuit without any other layers can be nerve-wracking. Seems we have a lot to learn from the youth of today. Here’s Harvey’s Twitter post:

Since then, the post has gone viral, with over 5k replies, 338k likes, and 47k retweets. And when you scroll through some of the comments, you can see that most of them are positive and full of praise.

Even a few social media stars and celebs took to letting the young girl know how proud they are of her:

Sadly, a few haters took to the thread as well, but that’s the struggle of being beautiful and amazing. Keep doing you, Paris. You’re gorgeous inside and out, never let them get you down.

(Image: Twitter / @ArtHopeAlly)

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