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This Mom Went to Hilarious Extremes to Stop Her Boys From Peeing on the Toilet Seat

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Cleaning a bathroom is the worst, especially if you have small, newly potty-trained boys. Somehow, their pee ends up everywhere. Short of forcing my son to pee outside on a tree, I haven’t found a solution to making sure his urine doesn’t end up all over the bathroom. At least I’m not alone in my struggle: a mom of two boys was also struggling with her kids constantly peeing on the toilet seat and came up with a funny solution that has gone viral.

Blogger and mom of three Kristina Kuzmic was oh-so-tired of her two sons making a mess of her bathroom. After presumably (literally) bleaching the crap out of her bathroom floor for the millionth time, Kuzmic decided to do something about it.

Please stop peeing everywhere

Image: Facebook / Kristina Kuzmic

She captioned her tongue-in-cheek parenting hack with “Sometimes I write my kids love notes.” The image totally resonated with her fellow parents: the image has over 87,000 likes and has been shared almost 150,000 times.

The commenters on Kuzmic’s picture love her idea. “Make these laminated, with an adhesive base on the back, and I am sure any woman that lives with men will buy these!!!!” wrote one.

Other commenters shared their bathroom horror stories. “I caught my 4-year-old standing with his back against the wall, (2 feet from the toilet) eyes closed the other morning peeing into the toilet and slightly missing every few seconds as he fell asleep.” OMG.

Some people suggested their own solutions for keeping a clean bathroom: “I taught my boys (all 4 of them) to sit and there is no mess, just because they can doesn’t mean they have to.” Another offered, “Growing up my mom told my brother if you can’t aim right then you can sit to pee or clean the whole toilet after every use of the bathroom. It worked.”

I’m sure Kuzmic’s kids laughed at her signs…and if her kids are anything like mine, they immediately went back to missing the toilet when they peed.

(Image: Facebook / Kristina Kuzmic)